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Meetings with new prospects were a key KPI for us, we were looking at a KPI of 4-6, 1:1 meetings/roundtable. The KPIs were well and truly exceeded in the campaigns, we’ve overachieved in the KPIs we set, out of the 300 accounts identified we secured 75 1:1 meetings of those 300 accounts and a pipeline sitting at $1.2 million in the first four weeks of the campaign.

Scandit lands 10 new pipeline opportunities and profitable revenue from virtual roundtables

Scandit is the leader in smart data capture giving superpowers to workers, customers and businesses by providing actionable insights and automating end-to-end processes.

SingleStore elevates conversations to decision-makers, curating high-quality interactions

SingleStore delivers the world’s fastest distributed SQL database for data-intensive applications, SingleStoreDB.

Getting into the right companies and the right decision makers – then setting up a forum for open conversation helps create a permanent relationship that we can grow on.

These events have helped us fix our messaging and learn more about the customer’s needs. The open forum and cross dialog from multiple customers gets to the deeper needs and helps us improve our product and planning. The Connex team has done a fantastic job putting this together.

5 x ROI and $500K of in-quarter pipeline achieved by Alteryx

Alteryx delivers easy end-to-end automation of data engineering, analytics, reporting, machine learning, and data science processes, enabling enterprises every-where to democratize data analytics across their organizations for a broad range of use cases. More than 8,000 customers globally rely on Alteryx to deliver high-impact business outcomes.

Cybereason positions itself as a trusted advisor

Cybereason started their journey in 2021. Their previous events lacked interaction and so they sought a more engaging experience for their audience.

When I think about ABM or any event programmes that need to be very focused, I think Connex Group. Connex Group were very truthful and very honest. If there was a challenge or a roadblock, then we all came in together as a team to find a solution and there were no excuses. Connex Group were 100% committed, the whole team was just like our business partner. I would say they are not a business vendor; they are our business partners.

The Roundtables are a great format and very well run. The host and discussions are excellent and keep the conversation and lead generation active. About half of the Connex attendees are long-term pipeline prospects and continue to engage in moving their projects” forward.

Long term pipeline generation for Ping Identity

They experienced huge challenges in having right conversations with right people as well as to reaching the C-suite of net new customers since pandemic.