Taking ownership of your DevOps transformation

How does a complete Devops Platform, with security and compliance built in, help your team reach goals faster and easier? Come find out. We’ll also spend some time to deep dive into announcements from GitLab at Universe.

Early bird gets the (fraud) worm: how to proactively detect online scams

Data breaches are on the rise which allows fraudsters to leverage stolen data to defraud businesses and their customers with the use of bot attacks, account takeovers and new account fraud.

public cloud (1)

How can businesses optimise their infrastructure and harness the power of the public cloud to unleash innovation?

As customer and user expectations continue to rise, companies are increasingly adopting multiple clouds and multiple tools/services for containers, microservices and serverless computing deployments to help meet business demand for smarter, faster, more responsive services

omnichannel experience

Drive value from customer data and transform the omnichannel experience

The empowered customer presents a new set of challenges. Each time they experience even small amounts of friction – such as adverts for already purchased or irrelevant products – experience and loyalty take a measurable hit.