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Bespoke Executive Dinner
71Above – Los Angeles

Future proofing: Modernising today’s technology infrastructure for tomorrow’s challenges

Dinner Location: 71Above – Los Angeles 14th September 2023 The imperative to digitise the technology infrastructure that supports critical government and health care service agencies is finally being taken seriously. The reluctance to overhaul aging

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Steering Through a Changed Landscape of Cyber Threats for Retailers

With the pandemic causing people to stay at home, e-commerce saw a significant increase and now 70% of shoppers prefer to shop online. As digital infrastructure grows, cyber criminals are becoming more adept at exploiting

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Accelerating Digital Transformation With Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Computing has redefined all functions of technology, including Digital, Analytics, and AI. By utilising new business models, the cloud is now transforming industry services. The broad Anything-as-a-service (XaaS) business model now provides faster and

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Diversifying the marketing mix by exploring non-digital channels

It’s 2023; consumer behaviours, business practices and media trends are changing. As brands, it is critical that we evolve with them. Therefore, many organizations are looking for ways to achieve broad reach without taking on

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Driving business outcomes with business first message enabled through cloud

Keeping pace with the pressures of modern business starts with embracing technology to empower the business. For established organizations with legacy IT applications, data, and environments, this requires intentional planning to modernize the IT environment.

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THE INNOVATIVE ADVANTAGE IN DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES-Use customer identity to optimize security and convenience

Businesses have embraced digital to engage with their customers. Keeping pace in this rapidly evolving threat landscape requires businesses to look for innovative ways to build experiences that optimize security without impacting user convenience.  Leaders

Personalization and the Creation of Beloved Customer Experiences

Creating personalized experiences and marketing to a segment of one requires personalized data pulled from all available sources and across all touchpoints. One way to do this is by recognizing customer mobile devices connecting to

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Generating Value through Enterprise Security Design.

Despite their scarcity and high cost, Enterprise Security Architects (ESA) are tasked with a wide range of challenging goals. To succeed in their role, they need the support of top management, excellent communication skills, and

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Harnessing The Power of Fraud Decisioning and Orchestration

Fraud prevention is a complex business, made more challenging by the constantly-increasing array of tools that fraud teams must manage. The average organization loses 5% of its revenue to fraud, and a chargeback costs about

Virtual Roundtable

To Engage and to Protect: Framework for Automating Data Privacy & Protection

The overriding mandate of digital transformation is becoming customer obsessed. Forrester predicts that every company will double down on technology-fuelled experiences, operations, products and ecosystem. But in our quest to deepen engagement, are enterprises putting

Virtual Roundtable

Attracting and retaining high-skill employees

To stay ahead in today's uncertain and competitive landscape, retaining top talent is crucial. As leading organizations strive to find and keep the best, staying proactive is key.

Mastering your Digital Transformation: Managing the complexity of the digital age

Digital transformation has accelerated over the past 12 months for organisations globally. This fast-paced acceleration has meant that businesses have had to adapt, and adapt quickly, to avoid siloed behaviour whilst supporting digital objectives and

How can advanced analytics be used successfully during digital transformation?

The world is seeing major global shifts to what it means to conduct business safely and productively. As a result, it’s more important than ever to reduce operational costs, maximize revenue growth and increase efficiency

Bespoke Executive Dinner
The Dylan Amsterdam

A Better Way to Multi-Cloud

Dinner Location: The Dylan Amsterdam 1st September 2023   The majority of organizations that use public cloud today (83%) have a multi-cloud strategy that may include on premises or collocated data centers, multiple public clouds,

Virtual Roundtable

Revolutionise your Intelligent Automation

Customers today demand a seamless, personalised experience and prompt resolution to their issues across all channels.

Virtual Roundtable

Where Business Intelligence Falls Short: Unveiling the Mysteries of Business Intelligence vs Process Intelligence

Organizations are constantly seeking impactful ways to harness the power of data in making better decisions, optimizing operations, and gaining a competitive edge. In this quest to quantify and understand business processes, two key technologies

Bespoke Executive Dinner
Searcys at The Gherkin – London

Balancing Technology Investments for Business Transformation

Dinner Location:  Searcys at The Gherkin – London Organizations have long started their journey of business transformation, but this is an interesting time for business leaders as we continue to face unprecedented challenges in our

Virtual Roundtable

Three Techniques for Achieving Success with a Multi-Cloud Approach

With the trend towards utilizing multiple cloud providers, the need for a cohesive strategy has become increasingly important. Lack of consistency in policies and controls, poor visibility, low adoption, and excessive costs can hinder the

Virtual Roundtable

Strategies to Defend Your Multi & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

The ongoing need for digital transformation continues to drive more organizations into the cloud, bringing their apps and data with them. But managing the underlying infrastructure, working with different hyperscalers – large cloud and networking

Virtual Roundtable

Modern Accounting im Fokus: Perspektiven und Herausforderungen in der digitalen Finanz-Transformation

Customers today demand a seamless, personalised experience and prompt resolution to their issues across all channels. Enterprises struggle to automate doc processes – due to outdated, complex legacy systems and automation solutions that can’t scale

Virtual Roundtable

Digital transformation within the service provider: Building for resilience and adaptability

In an unforgiving market, customers demand platforms that scale seamlessly, work reliably, and include all the features offered by the most-nimble of cloud-based startups. One thing is certain – if communication service providers want to

Virtual Roundtable

Combining the Best Payroll System with a Top-Level HR Solution

The ideal HR scenario involves pairing a top-notch payroll solution with a premier HCM platform. But is the journey to achieving this as intimidating as it seems?

Virtual Roundtable

How can you unify your security and IT teams and accelerate how they identify, prevent and respond to threats?

Security is one of the hottest topics at the boardroom table right now, and rightfully so. 90% of security professionals surveyed globally said the volume of attacks they have faced, increased. The current climate provides

Virtual Roundtable

Organising business priorities. Where does sustainability sit on the list?

The deadline for achieving net zero by 2030 is fast approaching, and the technology refresh cycle is running out. The choices made by IT leaders this year will be critical to their organization's success. However,

Virtual Roundtable

Navigating inflation and labor shortages with the power of smart data capture technology

With high inflation and labor shortages placing extra strain on retailers, efficiently and accurately updating pricing and promotions is becoming paramount. 

Virtual Roundtable

Accélérez votre parcours vers le zéro trust avec une identité moderne et uneorchestration zéro trust.

Devenir une entreprise zéro trust est réalisable, mais le chemin pour y parvenir n'est pas toujours clair. Le rôle de l'identité moderne en tant que pilier central du zéro trust est bien établi, en particulier

Reimagined approach to omnichannel

How can your organization ensure a customer-centric approach across all channels? The global pandemic has permanently changed consumer behavior to a more digital-first mindset. As a result, businesses have had to reprioritize marketing strategies to

Virtual Roundtable

Transforming customer experience and support with AI

How can AI deliver a quality customer service across every channel? Customer experience is the new battleground for business. Companies offering instant, automated, omni-channel interactions with consumers are getting a head start, while those who

Virtual Roundtable

CMO’s – realizing the value of first party data

Know your customer: marketing in the digital-first era In a digital-first world, innovative brands recognize the importance of knowing who their customers are and how to reach them on the right channels. According to research

Virtual Roundtable

Accelerate Your Journey to Zero Trust with Modern Identity and Zero Trust Orchestration

Becoming a Zero Trust Enterprise is achievable, but the path to getting there isn’t always clear. Modern Identity’s role as a core pillar of Zero Trust is well established - in particular evaluating every access

Virtual Roundtable

How to Scale Marketing: The Overdue Arrival of Creative Automation

The accelerating shift to digital media has created a content gap, as creative teams struggle to provide more content on shorter timelines, without sacrificing brand standards or strong creative execution. Brands are struggling to keep

Virtual Roundtable

Enhance Your Retail Business and Acquire a Competitive Advantage with Artificial Intelligence.

In today's digital era, traditional retailers are facing economic challenges and intense competition from e-commerce and omnichannel sources. To remain successful, they need to adapt and find new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

How do leaders create a sustainable workspace and avoid organizational fatigue?

For many businesses around the world, there’s been no hard-and-fast decision on whether or when the majority of employees will return to an in-person office setting. Companies are hearing a variety of concerns from workers

Virtual Roundtable

Maximizing Accounting Success through Value-Oriented Decisions

Accounting has taken on additional responsibilities, such as managing risk, streamlining business processes, and aligning with corporate strategy. To keep pace with these expanding duties, finance and accounting professionals need to prioritize their efforts.

Improving conversion rates with digital campaigns

How can we ensure we provide a hyper-personalized strategy to delight customers? The groups that make up the buying committee are growing, and the pandemic has only fueled that growth. More and more people have

How to increase business resilience through digital-first workspaces

For employers the concept of a hybrid or distributed workforce isn’t without its challenges. While it offers the ability to tap into a broader pool of talent and reduce the cost of real estate and

Virtual Roundtable

Revolutionising the future of banking: Adopting digital and staying competitive

Digital transformation in itself is not a novel concept. Financial institutions have spent much of 2022 tweaking and developing their digital transformation, with the understanding that an innovative business strategy is imperative in order to

Bespoke Executive Dinner
The Metropolitan – Chicago

Culture-Driven Innovation: Building and Retaining Talented Technology Teams with Environments That Work

Dinner Location: The Metropolitan – Chicago How can we build–and keep–better technology teams through the interaction of recruiting, technology choices, and company culture? Talent acquisition and retention continue to be a major hurdle for organizations

Virtual Roundtable

How can businesses optimise their infrastructure and harness the power of the public cloud to unleash innovation?

As customer and user expectations continue to rise, companies are increasingly adopting multiple clouds and multiple tools/services for containers, microservices and serverless computing deployments to help meet business demand for smarter, faster, more responsive services.

Bespoke Executive Dinner
Searcys at the Gherkin | London

What Does a Winning First-Party Data Strategy Look Like?

Dinner Location: Searcys at the Gherkin | London 15th November 2023 How can your brand evolve its data strategy to keep pace with your customers? The data landscape has seen monumental shifts amid emerging privacy

Virtual Roundtable

Building a Masterful Cloud Analytics Strategy for 2023

The latest in AI and cloud-driven analytics will be shaping and sharpening business plans in 2023. In fact, according to IDC, 73% of organizations expect their analytics investments to exceed all other software investments this

Virtual Roundtable

Accelerate Your App Delivery with Continuous Optimization

The adoption of Agile, Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Delivery (CD) has become a cornerstone of modern software development and deployment practices. However, these methodologies are not enough to tackle the increasingly complex challenge of

Overcoming Channel Conflict to Fuel Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Business

  Channel conflict has been top of mind for many manufacturers. And it has become an even bigger priority since the start of the pandemic that fundamentally disrupted how companies sell their goods and services.

Virtual Roundtable

Understanding the connection between data and customer risk profile

Managing large volumes of data has become an increasingly important part of doing business in our data-driven world, especially in the financial services industry. The possibility of having complete control over data, including every transaction

Virtual Roundtable

Efficient but sustainable delivery solutions without compromise

What does a top-notch delivery solution look like and how does it impact customer retention? In today's market, customer retention is a top priority. With 89% of consumers switching to a competitor after a negative

Virtual Roundtable

What are the best options to improve your cloud security posture?

The move to the cloud is happening rapidly, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and the drive for digital transformation. According to Gartner, by 2025, over half of enterprise IT spending in key segments will have

Virtual Roundtable

Extended detection and response: how XDR will transform security operations

As we embark on a new year, the threat landscape continues to become more complex. Attackers take aim at multiple devices and users while employing a variety of tactics, techniques, and procedures. Defenders must uncover

Virtual Roundtable

Delivering differentiated customer experiences whilst saving costs by  transforming store operations

As per Forrester research, 75% of retailers will be focussing on improving the experience of their customers. So how can you give your associates superpowers to increase productivity, efficiency and differentiate customer experiences whilst saving

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