Taking ownership of your DevOps transformation

How does a complete Devops Platform, with security and compliance built in, help your team reach goals faster and easier? Come find out. We’ll also spend some time to deep dive into announcements from GitLab at Universe.

Early bird gets the (fraud) worm: how to proactively detect online scams

Data breaches are on the rise which allows fraudsters to leverage stolen data to defraud businesses and their customers with the use of bot attacks, account takeovers and new account fraud.

Driving ROI in the Quickly Changing World of TV Advertising 

Driving ROI in the Quickly Changing World of TV Advertising

It’s 2021; consumer behaviours, business practices and media trends are changing. As brands, it is critical that we evolve with them. Therefore, many organizations are looking for ways to achieve broad reach without taking on excessive risk, implementing best practices to connect with customers and expand to new, more unconventional audiences.

Achieving predictive operations at scale (1)

Overcoming Channel Conflict to Fuel Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Business

Over the last two years $1 trillion of production has been lost in unoptimized manufacturing and process operations. Nearly $400 billion was downtime that could have been predicted and $250 billion were production quality issues and scrap that could have been avoided.

Frictionless and passwordless employee workflow for better security, increased productivity and workforce happiness

Passwordless: Creating Frictionless Experiences A Connex Group roundtable brought to you by Ping Identity

Protecting the Financial Services Industry, a proactive approach to preventing the next cybersecurity attack

New breaches are occurring and being covered in the news every day. The financial sector was affected by a large portion of server attacks, data theft, and some ransomware cases. These attack types are coherent with attacker motivations in targeting organizations that move money around a lot. Paralyzing banks is less of a goal but accessing internal systems can yield hefty illicit returns, highlighting the need for robust banking cybersecurity roughly 28% of attacks on finance and insurance were server access attacks, and 10% of attacks involved ransomware.

public cloud (1)

How can businesses optimise their infrastructure and harness the power of the public cloud to unleash innovation?

As customer and user expectations continue to rise, companies are increasingly adopting multiple clouds and multiple tools/services for containers, microservices and serverless computing deployments to help meet business demand for smarter, faster, more responsive services

leaders sustainable

How do leaders create a sustainable workspace and avoid organizational fatigue?

For many businesses around the world, there’s been no hard-and-fast decision on whether or when the majority of employees will return to an in-person office setting.


Transforming customer experience and support with AI

Against a backdrop of exponentially increasing volumes of data, IT organizations are being challenged to transform to deliver agility and efficiency. Cloud services are hugely powerful and suit many use cases and workloads. But not all.

omnichannel experience

Drive value from customer data and transform the omnichannel experience

The empowered customer presents a new set of challenges. Each time they experience even small amounts of friction – such as adverts for already purchased or irrelevant products – experience and loyalty take a measurable hit.