A Better Way to Multi-Cloud

Dinner Location: The Dylan Amsterdam

1st September 2023


The majority of organizations that use public cloud today (83%) have a multi-cloud strategy that may include on premises or collocated data centers, multiple public clouds, and the edge.

Customers want the public cloud experience – rapid provisioning, simple scaling, access to developer services – seamlessly delivered across all operating environments. Yet, in reality multi-cloud today is little more than multi-contract for many organizations. How can IT leaders overcome challenges like unpredictable costs, data security and governance, and operational and data silos, and truly realize the benefits of multi-cloud?

In this session, we’re talking about what it takes to create a better multi-cloud experience. Supported by research from analyst firm the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), this discussion will help executives find the path for top-performing multi-cloud functionality that drives business success.


Topics for discussion include the following:

 The realities and drivers of the multi-cloud trend;
 The related challenges that organizations are facing;
 Vision for an improved multi-cloud future, including a unified approach for securely managing data across cloud environments, support for the deployment and management of modern applications anywhere, and accelerating DevOps initiatives to speed the delivery of applications on any cloud environment;
 Preview a series of new multi-cloud capabilities

  • Date : 24-04-2024

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