Accelerate Your Journey to Zero Trust with Modern Identity and Zero Trust Orchestration

25th October 1pm-2:30pm GMT

Becoming a Zero Trust Enterprise is achievable, but the path to getting there isn’t always clear. Modern Identity’s role as a core pillar of Zero Trust is well established – in particular evaluating every access on a rich contextual basis through policy-based controls, and no longer relying on legacy network security controls. But beyond this, the successful adoption of Zero Trust requires many interoperating elements which dynamically complement each other, working across numerous user journeys and channels. These user journeys are frequently complicated by involving legacy and modern elements working together, potentially for many years. For all these interoperating elements to work effectively, industry bodies such as CISA recognise that an Identity Orchestration and Automation Capability is required as part of a comprehensive Zero Trust Framework.

Identity Orchestration and Automation provides the mechanism for integrating Zero Trust services across the Enterprise at the scale and flexibility required by Zero Trust. Providing  Identity Orchestration and Automation through an abstraction layer can help accelerate Zero Trust deployments, as existing technologies and capabilities don’t necessarily have to be ripped and replaced as you progress on your Zero Trust journey. It also gives your team fuller visibility into where friction exists in user journeys, and provides for policy-based control over these user journeys.

Achieving Zero Trust is easier when working with best-in class partners. Join this Virtual Round Table for a fuller discussion of what makes up an Identity Orchestration and Automation layer within a Zero Trust Framework, and why Identity Orchestration and Automation is essential for Zero Trust success. We will discuss how Capgemini and Ping Identity are working with organisations to build this orchestration layer within an overall Zero Trust Architecture, and what are the most established use cases where this approach brings the most significant benefits to Zero Trust deployments. 

Key Takeaways:

 Modern Identity’s role in Zero Trust Architecture – which Identity elements are really required for Zero Trust success?

 How and why Identity Orchestration and Automation is a critical part of any Zero Trust initiative.

 Practical insights into building an effective Identity Orchestration and Automation layer, aligned with Zero Trust best practices.

 How Capgemini and Ping Identity can support your organization’s complex Zero Trust, Identity and Identity Orchestration needs.


Lee Newcombe, Global Head of Zero Trust Capability, Capgemini

Rob Otto – Emea Field CTO – Ping Identity

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