Bringing Your Passwordless Vision to Life

A Connex Group roundtable brought to you by Ping Identity

Overarching Theme:

Many organizations want to deliver passwordless solutions to their customers and employees but there are often many roadblocks to making that dream a reality



What are the major challenges towards implementing passwordless solutions and how do we overcome them?



Passwords are the #1 target of hackers. That’s because they’re easy to steal. Passwords also are a source of frustration for users, who often forget and have to reset them. From both a security and revenue standpoint, organisations have plenty of reasons to go passwordless.

But that journey isn’t easy. Passwords have been around for decades and are ubiquitous with the digital age. There are not just technological hurdles that orgnasations must overcome, but mental ones as well.

What’s the best way to get started on your passwordless journey?

How do you get the entire organisation on board?

Is going passwordless more or less secure?


Join Ping Identity as we explore these questions and more. Share your own experiences and discuss best practice with industry peers in this Connex Live roundtable.

  • Date : 20/07/2022

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