Diversifying the marketing mix by exploring non-digital channels

It’s 2023; consumer behaviours, business practices and media trends are changing. As brands, it is critical that we evolve with them. Therefore, many organizations are looking for ways to achieve broad reach without taking on excessive risk, implementing best practices to connect with customers and expand to new, more unconventional audiences. And while the agile nature of digital channels is certainly appealing, with the now overcrowded market of digital content, and a decline in both consumer engagement and ROI for influencer marketing, overreliance on such channels can be dangerous.

Thus, marketing leaders recognize they must be diverse in their B2C advertising strategies, implementing a combination of both more traditional methods, and less saturated channels, to target the right audience and drive bottom-line results, whilst still building the brand.

That’s why marketing leaders are returning to national television. However, with TV’s high-entry cost and ongoing challenges of optimization, scale and measurement, it’s a high-risk investment.

But what if you were able to remove many of these risks? What if you could measure TV’s impact in real-time? What if you could use TV’s broad reach without the traditional high premiums? And what if you could test your commercials before they air so you’re confident your message resonates?

Join Marketing Architects and a select group of senior thought-leaders to share best practice on using advertising to transform your business and accelerate growth in 2023, to explore how changing consumer trends can bring positive change to marketing cultures, and to discuss how to make your advertising budget go further towards the growth of your business.

Discussion Points

What marketing channels are you finding most effective for driving results?

The wise way to diversify your marketing mix beyond digital channels like Google/Facebook

How can we use advertising effectively to drive bottom-line results while building our brand?

Accurately targeting and measuring modern TV campaigns

Do you feel you are too dependent on digital channels? Are you worried about digital’s upcoming privacy changes?

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