Driving Business Value: Building the Right Foundation for Future-Forward Application Modernization

Despite the wide availability and the advantages of cloud technologies, many companies continue to run their enterprise applications using classic stacks and application servers. These legacy business applications are often strategic to their business but don’t provide the nimbleness required to address new business opportunities and competitive challenges or create exceptional customer experiences.


Application portfolio modernization is about driving business innovation, creating business agility, and empowering technical leaders, developers and citizen developers to help organizations create new products and services that drive revenue growth and delight users.


Choosing the right appropriate modernization approach will enable a company’s critical legacy applications to scale and allow new cloud native applications to seamlessly interconnect with both on-premise and cloud environments. The result is a company that can quickly adapt to market changes and add a new business feature, service, or product into the market.

Join UST and a select group of thought leaders to explore your cloud and application modernization challenges and talk through solutions that will help you leverage the latest technology to drive rapid change, respond quickly to competitive disruption and quickly adapt to address new business opportunities accelerate your speed to market, reduce your cost of solution, reduce security threats, and reimagine your business.

  • Date : 28/06/2022

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