Efficient but sustainable delivery solutions without compromise
14th March 10am-12pm ET

What does a top-notch delivery solution look like and how does it impact customer retention? In today’s market, customer retention is a top priority. With 89% of consumers switching to a competitor after a negative experience, delivering a seamless customer experience is crucial.

The delivery experience is a key component in completing the customer’s purchasing journey, so a customer-centric approach is essential to ensure satisfaction. In addition, with growing concerns about the environment, delivering a convenient and sustainable experience is more important than ever.

Join a select group industry experts at this exclusive digital event to learn how to combine a customer-focused and environmentally conscious approach to offer the best delivery experience.

Discussion topics:

When choosing the logistics partner, does sustainability play a crucial part?
 Have you identified the main customer concerns regarding deliveries?
 How much time is spent on finding the right delivery solution?

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