Elevating Fraud Prevention: Proactive Strategies to Outsmart Fraudsters

28th June  from 11am-12:30pm ET


Online fraud cost U.S. businesses and consumers $12.5 billion in the past year, and fraudulent transactions cost between three and four dollars to resolve, depending on the industry. And yet, fraudsters lay the groundwork for their crimes long before the transaction occurs.

Identity crimes such as account takeover or new account fraud can often be the first step to a fraudulent transaction, and savvy businesses should focus on identifying cybercriminals early, so they can help prevent financial and reputational damage. Join this virtual round table with Ping Identity and PwC to discuss why organizations can shift left on fraud prevention, learn how better fraud prevention can help create better experiences for legitimate customers, and what it means to have a truly integrated counter-fraud strategy.

Topics for discussion include the following:

What specific strategies can businesses adopt to help identify potential cybercriminal activity before it escalates into fraudulent transactions?;
What can organizations do today to help identify fraud, and how does that tie back to the user journeys such as web, mobile, call centers?;
How can organizations effectively “shift left” on fraud prevention, and what can be the key benefits of adopting this approach?
In what ways can improved fraud prevention measures enhance the overall customer experience, and how can businesses strike a balance between security and convenience?
Could you elaborate on the concept of a “truly integrated counter-fraud strategy”?
What components can be essential for such a strategy to be effective?
Considering the evolving nature of cyber threats, what emerging technologies or methodologies show promise in bolstering fraud prevention efforts, and how can businesses stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated fraudsters?

  • Date : 28-06-2024

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