Generate Pipeline Across Your Demand Generation Strategy

27th January – 1pm -3pm ET

How can you bring actionable insights and data to your omnichannel marketing strategy?

Account-based marketing has increasingly become a critical component of organizations’ omnichannel marketing strategies. In fact, a recent report from Gartner estimates “80% of midsize to large B2B organizations with complex sales processes have adopted or piloted at least one ABM program.” However, many of those organizations and their marketing leaders still need to find and utilize the technologies and subsequent data necessary to run an at-scale ABM program in conjunction with their current systems. They also need to make sure their Sales and Marketing teams are aligned, and that their tech stack is consolidated.

The solution lies in being able to bring actionable company insights and contact data to their omnichannel marketing strategy. However, this kind of optimization requires clean data and insights – a requirement that is easier said than done. So, where do we start, and how do we get there?

Join a select group of likeminded executives as we discuss how to achieve ABM at scale, how to find the right target audience and accounts, and how to bring actionable company insights and contact data to your omnichannel marketing strategy.

  • Date : 27/01/2023

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