Generating Value through Enterprise Security Design.

Despite their scarcity and high cost, Enterprise Security Architects (ESA) are tasked with a wide range of challenging goals. To succeed in their role, they need the support of top management, excellent communication skills, and the ability to produce valuable, accessible, and timely deliverables. The expectations for anyone entering this position are high.

However, it’s surprising to note that as of today, ESA is one of the least technologically advanced activities within the entire enterprise security team.

Discussion topics:

What are the biggest challenges to the success of your enterprise security architecture practice?
 How can the practice of threat modelling be optimized to deliver value to a broad cross section of stakeholders?
 Security patterns are a repository for security knowledge and a mechanism for increasing the effectiveness and repeatability of how the business uses security knowledge. Discuss.
What is the scope of your enterprise security architecture practice?

  • Date : 26-03-2024

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