Go to market investments: for the present and future

How do you make your sales team as agile as your products and services?


Running a lean and agile sales team can be challenging as is. However, the current crisis is creating new obstacles for organizations. Business leaders are faced with maintaining control in a remote environment, keeping track of activity and enforcing team compliance.

Ensuring business continuity is key. That’s why several enterprises like ZoomInfo are breaking down the silos in systems, changing processes and restructuring to support the remote workforce. But how do you streamline your processes and technologies to support change? How do you turn your cost centers to be revenue generating? And how do you make sure you’re putting the right data into your costly systems?


Key questions :

How are you improving conversion rates with digital campaigns?

What are the key challenges with lead generation right now?

How are you ensuring sales teams are equipped with the most accurate and actionable data in today’s environment?

  • Date : 22/06/2022

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