How to proactively detect online scams

The growth and advancement in the online digital space and eCommerce is making it easy for consumers to transact over the internet, but it’s also creating opportunities for fraudsters at record levels. Data breaches are on the rise which allows fraudsters to leverage stolen data to defraud businesses and their customers with the use of bot attacks, account takeovers and new account fraud.


To combat this trend, organizations are stepping up their online fraud detection and prevention measures while being mindful of maintaining a user-friendly digital experience. One critical factor is to identify fraud sooner. Fraud detection should happen immediately, way before checkout or any transactions, by detecting any anomalous activity in each unique session.


Join Ping Identity as we explore how real-time fraud detection can reduce both fraud and customer friction. Share your own experiences and discuss best practice with industry peers in this Connex Live roundtable.

  • Date : 04/10/2022

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