Leveraging Intelligent Visibility Through Modern ERP to Build a More Sustainable & Resilient Supply Chain

Dinner Location: Eleven Madison Park – New York

27th October 2022


The global pandemic has underscored the vital need for today’s companies to build a more resilient and sustainable supply chain. Manufacturing has seen major disruptions in supply chain and workforce, including a shortage of materials and a shrinking labor force.


Leading organizations are now rethinking their business models to adapt to the new reality and prepare for transformation in their business. In the past, that’s meant adding costs by keeping more inventory and building redundant capacity. Research shows there is a more cost-effective way to increase supply chain resilience: intelligent visibility. With greater visibility, companies are more likely to maintain revenue, profit, and share-price performance during disruption.


So, how are you utilizing modern ERP to stabilize disruptions in the supply chain? Are you considering automation to offset labor shortages and improve efficiency in your operation? Do you have a reliable insight and forecast into customer requirements?

  • Date : 27/10/2022

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