Meeting the needs of today’s digital shoppers with mobile scanning in store, back of house and at home

How are you adapting to consumer demand for contactless and seamless digital experiences online and in-store?

From the shop floor to the back of house, turbo-charging your employee efficiency and delighting your customers is critical to keeping pace.  During the last year, digital has permeated every aspect of consumers lives and the desire for safe, contactless shopping experiences is here to stay.

Mobile scan technology can put simplicity and speed into the hands of your workers for shelf management, stock control and develops new levels of efficiency and productivity. For your customers smartphones can unlock instant access to product information, read reviews and arrange for in-store pick up or home delivery. A new level of customer engagement and convenience is key to boosting customer satisfaction and revenues. These days, digital in retail is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must. How are you creating more engaging and memorable digital shopping experiences?


Join Scandit and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss how mobile computer vision, including augmented reality and high-performance barcode scanning, can transform your retail experience.

  • Date : 22/06/2022

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