Protecting the Financial Services Industry, a proactive approach to preventing the next cybersecurity attack

New breaches are occurring and being covered in the news every day. The financial sector was affected by a large portion of server attacks, data theft, and some ransomware cases. These attack types are coherent with attacker motivations in targeting organizations that move money around a lot. Paralyzing banks is less of a goal but accessing internal systems can yield hefty illicit returns, highlighting the need for robust banking cybersecurity roughly 28% of attacks on finance and insurance were server access attacks, and 10% of attacks involved ransomware.

CISOs globally recognize the need for improved security services, but aren’t always sure how to solve the complex nature of determining the right mix of solutions to maintain the ideal cybersecurity risk posture.

Widespread use of administrative remote access allows ransomware attackers to exploit cached credential and connection information. Attackers then use this info to aide their reconnaissance, identify targets, and escalate the privileges necessary to lock and leak data. How can you stop sophisticated attackers by choking off their ability to move laterally and encrypt thousands of devices at scale?

Analysts are calling extended detection and response (XDR) a top security trend. Unlike legacy approaches to data collection and analytics, XDR is focused on helping security teams prevent, detect, and respond to threats, whether the malicious operation begins.

Join Cybereason and a select group of industry experts to explore how ransomware attackers exploit risky credentials and connectivity, how to use that against them, and how an active defense is valuable in ransomware protection.


Discussion Points

Targeted ransomware vs. Commodity ransomware – Which strategies are best to utilize in combating these threats?

What are the risks and benefits of adopting an XDR tool?

Has your resiliency plan been reviewed to include provisions to protect data and recover from a ransomware attack in today’s distributed environment?

How are you modernizing your security operations center?

  • Date : 21/09/2022

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