Taking a disruptive approach to security

At first glance, disruption and security seem like uneasy bedfellows. Security is synonymous with stability, reassurance, protection, trust. Disruption, on the other hand, implies a challenge to the natural order of things. It means doing something new – and change is often perceived as risky.

But there is also risk in doing security the same way it’s always been done. Taking a hardware-based approach to security doesn’t work in a world driven by applications and the data they generate. Infrastructure enables an application to operate, but is not itself the critical asset to protect. And traditional network perimeter security models are no longer sufficient to protect the sprawl of applications and users, or to meet escalating compliance requirements.

It begs the question: is it time to disrupt the security status quo?

That is what we will be discussing in this Connex Group roundtable series. What are the challenges with today’s hardware approach to networking and security? How can taking a software-based approach that’s independent of the underlying physical infrastructure, endpoint or location help firms to transform their security posture? And what cybersecurity misconceptions do you need to overcome in order to effectively protect your organisation in the digital age? Join us to find out.

Discussion Points

What are the challenges with taking a hardware approach to networking and security?

Why is a software-based approach more appropriate to today’s challenges?

What are the most common cyber security misconceptions you face at your organisation?

How do you become a security trailblazer?

  • Date : 15/06/2022

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