The Analytics Automation Playbook for Finance & Accounting

Many Finance teams are stuck using a myriad of spreadsheets for processes, filled with data drawn from umpteen systems, resulting in inaccurate projections, missed deadlines, and worse, fines and penalties.

Leaders in the Office of Finance need an analytics strategy that allows them to proactively develop forecasts and maximize their data’s value. They also need to shorten the learning curve of modern technology for their teams and reskill and upskill them to handle the upcoming changes in Finance.

Most businesses today are sitting on treasure troves of data. But making sense of it all is another story. Too often, knowledge workers are in ‘excel hell,’ doing the same manual, repetitive processes over and over as they attempt to unlock insights.

Recent research from Alteryx shows even advanced spreadsheet users are wasting an average of 7 hours every week due to the monotony.

Enterprises want to be driven by data and analytics, but data literacy and the shortage of analytics talent are widespread challenges. On top of that, fragmented tools and systems are making it even harder – with the average employee needing to pull data from three or more tools disparate data sources to produce meaningful insight.

Join Alteryx as we explore how organizations are transforming their data into breakthrough moments. Share your own experiences and discuss best practice with industry peers in this Virtual Roundtable Discussion.

  • Date : 05/10/2022

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