Three Techniques for Achieving Success with a Multi-Cloud Approach

Join us for a conversation about the challenges and benefits of implementing a multi-cloud strategy in the financial services industry.

With the trend towards utilizing multiple cloud providers, the need for a cohesive strategy has become increasingly important. Lack of consistency in policies and controls, poor visibility, low adoption, and excessive costs can hinder the return on investment.

Join us for a roundtable discussion, where we’ll delve into the topic of payroll integration and share real-life examples. We’ll cover:

In this discussion, we will cover:

The most common uses of multi and hybrid cloud strategies in financial services
How containers can support these strategies
 The significance of agnostic and open technologies
 Best practices for increasing adoption of containers
 The challenge of finding the right talent to support multi/hybrid cloud and containerization technology


Key Takeaways:

Best practices for adopting a successful multi-cloud strategy in financial services
Understanding the role of containers in supporting multi and hybrid cloud strategies
 Insights into the importance of agnostic and open technologies
 Tips for increasing container adoption
Navigating the challenge of finding the right talent in a multi/hybrid cloud environment.

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