Transforming customer experience and support with AI

How can AI deliver a quality customer service across every channel?

Customer experience is the new battleground for business. Companies offering instant, automated, omni-channel interactions with consumers are getting a head start, while those who fail to meet the customers’ modern demands are stumbling over hurdles.

It’s easy to say automation is the answer, but how can it be seamlessly implemented to transform customer service for the better? How do you know if your strategies are meeting your customers’ expectations? And is there a way chatbots and agents can work in harmony without alienating the consumer?

The truth is, chatbots have come a long way. They’re smarter, they don’t work off pre-defined scripts and, when powered by AI, they have the capacity to make every conversation personalized.

Even when the conversation gets too complex for the humanized, proactive, always-on service bots, new technologies allow a human agent to seamlessly pick up the conversation.

Join us for this roundtable, where we will discuss how to transform your customer service offering, leverage AI to improve productivity and accurately capture data from customer interactions to optimize your service strategy.

Discussion Points

Improving customer service with AI

Getting value from an omni-channel digital solution

Empowering agents and reps

  • Date : 27-03-2024

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