Unlocking the Power of Analytics: Scaling Value Across Your Enterprise

Thursday 4th May 1pm-2:30pm EST

Most businesses today are sitting on treasure troves of data. But making sense of it all is another story. 53% of executives surveyed said their organizations “weren’t yet treating data as a business asset and consequently felt their enterprises were not competing effectively on the analytics front”. Too often, knowledge workers are in spreadsheet hell,’ doing the same manual, repetitive processes over and over as they attempt to unlock insights. Enterprises want to be driven by data and analytics, but data literacy and the shortage of analytics talent are widespread challenges. On top of that, fragmented tools and systems are making it even harder – with the average employee needing to pull data from three or more tools to produce meaningful insight. So, what are the right investments for your data science teams? How do you upskill the rest of your workforce to actually use data? And how can you advance your organization’s analytics maturity to truly ‘democratize’ analytics?

Discussion Topics:

  • How analytically mature is your company? What kinds of initiatives do you have in place to increase analytics maturity?
  • What are your biggest challenges around helping your workforce use data and analytics better? How readily are your teams able to produce insights from your organization’s data?
  • How are you doing to upskill your workforce? Is this a priority – creating the most analytically capable workforce in your industry?
  • Why is it important to your company for increasing analytics maturity?

Join Alteryx and hear from other executives in the analytics space on how organizations are transforming their data into breakthroughs. Share your own experiences and discuss best practice with industry peers in this Virtual Roundtable Discussion.

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