Cybereason positions itself as a trusted advisor

Cybereason is focused on cybersecurity, offering top-rated detection and response (EDR and XDR), next-gen anti-virus (NGAV), and proactive threat hunting to deliver context-rich analysis of every element of a MalOp (malicious operation).

Activities proposed

1 Virtual Roundtable: 6 leads contracted
1 In-person experience: 12 leads contracted
Company size (employee headcount): 500-1000
Industry: IT/Security


Cybereason started their journey in 2021. Their previous events lacked interaction and so they sought a more engaging experience for their audience.


Delivering cybersecurity content in an informative yet engaging and interactive manner to position themselves as a trusted advisor within their industry.


  • Trusted advisor – positioned their organisation as a trusted advisor
  • Delivering the right people at the right time
  • Profitable Growth – accelerated profitable revenue growth
  • Market share – net new logo acquisition
  • Brand value – increased brand awareness and staying front of mind


  • 27 leads generated : Virtual Roundtable (8) In-Person Experience (19)
  • 100% matched job titles: CISO, VP Information Security, Director Cybersecurity, Head of SOC. etc.
  • They have since booked 4 more Connex events across 2023
  • Israel Barak, CISO, Cybereason was impressed with the level of seniority of the audience and could see that Cybereason product aligns to every industry.

Client Testimonial

Live Event

When I think about ABM or any event programmes that need to be very focused, I think Connex Group. Connex Group were very truthful and very honest. If there was a challenge or a roadblock, then we all came in together as a team to find a solution and there were no excuses. Connex Group were 100% committed, the whole team was just like our business partner. I would say they are not a business vendor; they are our business partners.