Scandit lands 10 new pipeline opportunities and profitable revenue from virtual roundtables

Scandit is the leader in smart data capture giving superpowers to workers, customers and businesses by providing actionable insights and automating end-to-end processes.

Activities proposed

6 x Virtual Roundtables North America: (36 leads contracted)
4 x Virtual Roundtables EMEA: (24 leads contracted)
Company size: 500
Industry: Technology/ Retail


The ability to access decision-makers at the C-level that are engaged and ready to buy. This resulted in lengthy sales cycles and an inefficient use of time. Audience acquisition, content delivery and pipeline acceleration through a single provider.


  • Winning market share – net new logo acquisition
  • Accelerating profitable revenue growth
  • Brand value – increasing brand awareness and staying front of mind


  • 6 x Virtual Roundtables North America ( 48 x leads delivered)
  • 4 x Virtual Roundtables EMEA ( 32 x leads delivered)
  • 20 extra leads delivered on top of contracted number at no extra cost
  • 3 times return on marketing investment with more deals in the pipeline
  • Brand visibility to 80 senior executives from global brands
  • 1:1 follow-up meetings with 75 executives to discuss its solution
  • Real-time insight into the target audience’s challenges, pain points and priorities to fuel future marketing efforts.

Meetings with new prospects were a key KPI for us, we were looking at a KPI of 4-6, 1:1 meetings/roundtable. The KPIs were well and truly exceeded in the campaigns, we’ve overachieved in the KPIs we set, out of the 300 accounts identified we secured 75 1:1 meetings of those 300 accounts and a pipeline sitting at $1.2 million in the first four weeks of the campaign.